T Bone Burnett Works With LMP on New Album

hotdish logo-280x210Ever since the wonderful and very successful movie and soundtrack of O Brother, Where Art Thou?, country music singers, songwriters and, most of all, the powers that be have had great respect for T Bone Burnett, who produced the music. Dear friends of mine such as the Whites, Jerry Douglas, Alison Krauss, Dan Tyminski, Ralph Stanley and a bevy of others suddenly had something they'd never had before -- sizable bank accounts.

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Working up a Storm

lmp promo todayCRITICS are calling Lisa Marie Presley's latest album, Storm & Grace, a rootsy affair. The kind of album with the Southern flavour of Americana that recalls her father's early efforts. Ironically, the 44-year-old singer-songwriter, the only child of the late Elvis Presley, found herself travelling, not south, but eastwards, across the Atlantic, to write the album.

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T Bone Burnett Helps Get Her Groove Back

tbone-burnett-lisa-marie-200With her first album since 2005, Lisa Marie Presley has plenty to say -- and the daughter of Elvis Presley chose famed producer T Bone Burnett to help her say it. Generating some of the best reviews of her career, Storm & Grace, which was released last week, demonstrates the growth the mother of four (including twin girls, Harper and Finley, born in 2008) has experienced in the past few years.

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Storm & Grace: A Conversation with LMP

lisa marie presley storm graceA Conversation with Lisa Marie Presley

Mike Ragogna: Lisa, you have a new album, Storm & Grace, and you approached this one very differently than your others, especially by working on it with T-Bone Burnett. Can you tell us the history of how the project came together?

Lisa Marie Presley: It came together very organically. Nothing was contrived. A few years go, Simon Fuller, he kind of just set up for me to go to England and write with various writers. The plan was to go for about a month and see what happened and get with different types of people to write with. I kind of half expected to write and then be done with it in a month, but I ended up staying for eight months and fell in love with England. I wrote thirty-two songs and came back to Los Angeles and sold everything and was about to move. Right before I left, I got the call that T-Bone had heard the demos and that he wanted me to meet him, so I went over to his home, and he said he really liked what he heard, and he wanted to do the record. I was beside myself! So that's kind of how it unfolded.

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