Why you should listen to Lisa Marie Presley

lisa presley why listenSay you are forty years old, own your own business, have a family, and live a great life. Can you imagine walking into a reunion and all anyone wants to discuss is your high school prom date? Or that time your mom made cupcakes for the whole third grade? Yes, you say, but you found a cure for cancer, located Hoffman, and you know who really shot JFK. "Sure, sure," someone says, "But those cupcakes were not that great." Their date adds, "What were you thinking, dating that Shmortemeirly kid?" Welcome to Lisa Marie Presley's life.


Lisa Marie's third album, "Storm & Grace," has been released and, rather than have the rocking, growling sound of the first two CDs, it has a smoky, sultry, curled lip resonance. Like instead of an in - your face – with – a - microphone, the singer is in a tiny bar where indigo blue is the primary color and light is in need. She is still writing of personal, letting it all bare, which is why her fans love her. No cutesy rhymes here with a be-bop-de-pop sound. When it hurts you know it. Like songwriting is supposed to be: raw honesty.

Currently in songwriting there seems to be a shortage of honesty. "Country music," explains a popular Nashville songwriter, "has to follow a formula. It has to be a certain length, has to be something a female in her mid-thirties wants to hear driving to work in the morning, and written on a certain (read, 'lower') grade level. No one wants to think." Teens want to sing along with music about improbable love and romance. The lyrics must be simple.

There is romance in Presley's music – but there is also doubt, anger, and other real emotions. She shares them all, and the words dance with her past and present. She finds musicians, producers, writers, and other talents who intermingle with her ideas and allow free expression while staying in check, and then puts it out there. It does not follow the "Magic Formula" but it works. If you have to think about the lyrics, so what? Thinking is good for music.

Despite all this, her past keeps getting thrown at her: who her parents are, whom she has married, as if she forgets and must be reminded. Which is a shame. It means these people are not listening. Because her music is not formula – based or mass – produced, people need to listen, and listeners need to hear it. Lisa Marie Presley has talent, for both writing and singing.

Lisa Marie Presley will be performing at The Grand Ol' Opry on August 21, 2011.

You can buy tickets online HERE.

This show will be amazing – so go listen!

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