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ronnie scotts-450x675Last week, i-D online joined Lisa Marie Presley in Soho as she debuted Storm and Grace, her haunting new goth blues album – which she wrote at her new home in England.

Lisa Marie has been reluctant to discuss the album's lyrics, but the therapeutic nature of Storm and Grace leaves little doubt. Her performance was as haunting as the album. Standing next to her husband and guitarist Michael Lockwood, she was dressed in a floor-length black dress and big black desert boots, her signature Memphis blow-dry as big as ever, and seemed as stripped down emotionally as her show was technically. And as Lisa Marie's tiny frame belted out those poignant lyrics, it was impossible not to get taken by this person, whose life has been shaped by the greatest musical legends to ever hit the planet.

Where most people who are born or married into fame spend their lives trying to detach themselves from their history, Lisa Marie embraces the weirdness and magnificence of her extraordinary fate, but does so in a way so far removed from the Hollywood fame circus that she sometimes comes off almost blasé. "America keeps asking me why I went to England to write a rootsy album," Lisa Marie declared after her first song, referring to the dark, almost gothic blues that dominate her album. "I guess it's because you know their music better than they do."

ronnie scotts-450x300It's this kind of attitude which makes Lisa Marie the original icon of a generation, who glamorise the low key above the glitz.

You don't have to search long to see her influence on young stars like Kristen Stewart, or her own daughter – and i-D's The Pick Me Up Issue cover girl – Riley Keough (pictured below).

RileyKeough-450x584The ballsy mind-set was certainly present in Wednesday's performance as well. When she sang 'So Long', the song she supposedly wrote about The Church of Scientology when recently she withdrew after a lifelong membership, she smiled cheekily throughout. "Farewell, fair-weathered friends. I can't say I'll miss you in the end."

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