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usatoday 2By Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY
Setting the promotional stage, Lisa Marie Presley rehearses with her band in Hollywood.
Lisa Marie Presley on the road in the USA

BURBANK, Calif. – With the debut of her first album in seven years, Lisa Marie Presley is leaving the comforting cocoon of life in rural England and diving headlong into America's pop-culture fray.

Those wanting to see the rock scion live can catch her signing copies of Storm & Grace Monday night at Memphis' Sun Studio, where her father's career was launched. On Thursday, she'll perform cuts from the album at the Grammy Museum's Clive Davis Theater in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, TV viewers can tune in Tuesday to her Sun Studio gig on Good Morning America, and look for her on American Idol (Thursday), TheTonightShow (May 21) and Jimmy Kimmel Live (May 22).

Presley says she's "excited about going out in front of people," but that doesn't mean she won't be pining for her comparatively tranquil life in the Kent countryside, where she spends half the year when not in L.A. or Memphis.

"I just love it over there," she says. "I garden, go on long walks, cook. I have really sweet neighbors — we'll often meet up down at the local pub. Not that we can keep up with them there. It's so fun, though, it's where you see everyone from the village."

Presley says the locals are either "very respectful, or they have that 'I'm not going to kiss your a - -' attitude. One or the other."

Of course, the paparazzi aren't about to let Elvis Presley's daughter live in peace, but their efforts so far have been thwarted with a little help from Lisa Marie's new friends.

"Some photographers came sniffing around our place one day, and this farmer who looks after the sheep on my land just rammed into the guy's car and said, 'Get out,' " she says. "They're very protective that way. And I thought, 'Great, I like it here.' "

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