New Album & Elvis Hologram

On her father in 3D: 'There's nothing in the works at the moment'

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rolling stoneLisa Marie Presley brought the tour for her recently released album, Storm & Grace, to her hometown of Los Angeles last week, delivering a confident set for a sold-out crowd at the Roxy Theatre. "It's more nerve-racking for me because mostly it's family, friends, industry, label," she tells Rolling Stone. "It's easier to play for a room full of people you don't know, for me at least. Playing for my family and people I know, I can feel what they're thinking and it throws me off."

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Presley showcases blues, country chops

lmp nyFew musicians have had to face the pressures Lisa Marie Presley has had to endure over her career.

Being the daughter of Elvis Presley created a whole slew of unchartered challenges that left her struggling at times to find her own sound, separate from her famous father or from expectations brought on by record executives.

It took a collaboration with famed folk producer T-Bone Burnett to bring out Presley's true musical roots. The result is a 15-track blues/country record that has Presley performing alongside Burnett's backing band.

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Presley delivers solid performance

lmp ny 2012 9You might say the spirit of the King was in the house at The Bottom Lounge in Chicago on June 20.

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis and Priscilla, brought her show to the Windy City and delivered a 90-minute concert starring songs from her new album "Storm and Grace."

She also brought her show to Deluxe in Indianapolis on June 21.

Donning a long black dress with a fuschia belt, Presley opened her set with "So Long" and proceeded with "Over Me" and "Weary," all from the new album.

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In Philly: Winning performance in a can't-win situation

lmp ny 2012 390 2wLisa Marie Presley having a music career is a can’t-win situation. Even if she’s good – as she was Monday in kicking off her first tour in more than five years at Philadelphia’s World Café Live – the standard against which she’s measured is her father, Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll.  

The audience was dancing, too. 
And can’t-win be damned, it was a winner.

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