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Storm & Grace: A Conversation with LMP

lisa marie presley storm graceA Conversation with Lisa Marie Presley

Mike Ragogna: Lisa, you have a new album, Storm & Grace, and you approached this one very differently than your others, especially by working on it with T-Bone Burnett. Can you tell us the history of how the project came together?

Lisa Marie Presley: It came together very organically. Nothing was contrived. A few years go, Simon Fuller, he kind of just set up for me to go to England and write with various writers. The plan was to go for about a month and see what happened and get with different types of people to write with. I kind of half expected to write and then be done with it in a month, but I ended up staying for eight months and fell in love with England. I wrote thirty-two songs and came back to Los Angeles and sold everything and was about to move. Right before I left, I got the call that T-Bone had heard the demos and that he wanted me to meet him, so I went over to his home, and he said he really liked what he heard, and he wanted to do the record. I was beside myself! So that's kind of how it unfolded.

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Billboard Awards 2012

billboard awardsLisa Marie Presley arrives at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday (May 20) in Las Vegas.

The 44-year-old entertainer, who recently released her first album in seven years, presented Katy Perry with the Spotlight Award. Previously, the honor has only been given to Michael Jackson, whom Lisa was once married to!

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LMP Talks About Finding Self with New Album

LisaMPresleyNot releasing an album for seven years, Lisa Marie Presley is starting over with a new sound.

Ever since her music career started nearly a decade ago, Lisa Marie Presley was judged in her father's shadow and never felt comfortable with the sound of her first two albums, 2003's To Whom It May Concern and 2005's Now What. Presley, who recently released her third album Storm and Grace, revealed in a recent interview that she found herself while working on Storm.

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Exploring darker corners of self seems to suit Presley

columbus dispatchSome thoughts on Lisa Marie Presley: "Too bad she ain't just like her daddy / Oh, what a shame / She got no talent of her own / It's just her name."

Thus does Presley anticipate (or revive) some of the conventional — and cynical — wisdom about her musical career on Sticks and Stones, a bonus track on the deluxe version of the new album Storm & Grace, released this week.

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